Sunday, July 5, 2009

May Baptism, Mothers Day, Haley's Bday and Memorial Weekend

Canyon turned 8 months. We decided to have his baptism during Mothers day weekend just as we did with Shalyn. Everyone came into town and we had some fun in the backyard. Haley and some friends went to see the play Wicked then travelled to Amy's house for a baby shower.
Shalyn finished the year at UNF. She performed in a play and then we went to her gymnastics recital. Ms. Holly, Salena, Maya, Ella, and Latika stopped by to see our star performer.
For Haley's birthday we went to Disney World (Free on your bday). Shalyn and mommy went on the TeaCup's, disney princesses, and Dumbo together then daddy took her on the race cars. She loved touring through Minnie and Mickey's house. Its a small world ride takes the cake. She hasn't stopped singing the song and daddy just doesn't know the rest of the words.... go figure.
We headed to Lake Placid for Memorial/Linette's bday. Sue and Eric stayed in FL for 14 days. Shalyn had a chance to stay with them for a weekend. Sue straightened her hair (don't worry its curly again).

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