Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shalyn 1st chance to play tee ball!

Shalyn gets to play 1 game!
Thanks to the surbers for letting shalyn play on their last game.

Go Braves.

October Fl vs Ga and Halloween

Too much fun tailgating for Florida vs Georgia. We invited our friends over for trick or treating afterwards. GO GATORS! Shalyn dressed as a bat and canyon was Super Tebow.

October pictures 1

Shalyn play date. Haley and Hector tailgate with Tim and Robin for the Gator game vs arkansas (Homecoming). We took the kids to pick out their pumpkins and the firefighter station. Shalyn's dressed as a firefighter for the fall carnival mommy's school carnival. She also had fun at her own pre-school carnival.

September pictures

Shalyn received the Star Student of the Week at her pre school. Haley and I went to the Gators vs Vols Game.

Shalyn's 4th Bday

Shalyn turned 4 years old. She had Haley order some books from scholastic. All of her school friends stopped by with lots of presents. Her favorite part was having a princess bounce house for the entire weekend.