Monday, October 3, 2011

Marissa's "Shape Party!"

Marissa had a "shape party" at school to celebrate the end of their unit on shapes. Families were invited to come and have a "shape" dinner with the kids. Marissa's teacher brought triangle pizza. We brought circle peas, square carrots, and circle cookies. Other parents brough rectangle gogurts and jello jigglers cut out in heart and star shapes. The kids had a great time and loved being able to show off their "shape skills."

A visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Shalyn had a wiggly tooth for quite a while now and finally on Thursday her she wiggled her tooth so much at school that it fell out! She was so excited and proud! The tooth fairy left her a special little note and left an interesting coin. We had to look up the coin to see where it was from. We found out that it is a Kroner from Denmark! We had never seen a silver coin with a hole in it before. What an exciting memory!!

Shalyn's 6th Birthday!

Shalyn had a Super 6 Birthday! She had a sports themed birthday and the kids got to participate in lots of different sports centers. The weather was great, the activities were fun, the kids were having a good time, and the company couldn't have been better! Thank you all so much for coming and celebrating with Shalyn!
Shalyn's Super 6 Sports Birthday!! on PhotoPeach

Shalyn's B-Day! on PhotoPeach

Shalyn's B-Day! on PhotoPeach