Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa...I Know Him!

Santa came to visit us in Ashley Woods! We even invited a few of our friends to swing by as well.
Heidi, Scott, & Riley; Stacy & Grant; Meredy, Kevin, & Bretton; and Tiffany, Joaquin, & Zariah.

See you next year!

December Christmas Day!

We had a fairly relaxing Christmas morning. We decided to stay in town and open presents in the a.m. then spend the afternoon/evening at Haley's Sister Stacy's house. Shalyn loved her Stocking Stuffers but the best present was her roller skates & skateboard. Believe it or not she asked for them.

December Baking cookies & going to the Zoo!

Having two weeks off for christmas break is quite nice. In order to pass some time we decided to bake some cookies for the family, make smores, and go to the zoo!

Enjoy the pictures!

December Boat Parade & More

We visited the annual downtown Jacksonville Christmas Boat Parade! Shalyn loved the lit up boats and watched them pass by. She saw Santa, some singing elvis's, boats with plenty of xmas lights and even a submarine (pretend).
She made a present for her friend Bretton and went to her friend Salena's concert.