Friday, July 31, 2009

July Pictures 2

Haley and the kids went on an adventure in Georgia. They visited the Hughes family. Shalyn had a blast with her cousins Madison and Mackenzie. Then they drove to Cleveland GA to visit Haley's middle school girlfriend Michele. Summer has been wonderful for Haley. She has a weekly schedule of places to visit with all her friends. This past week they visited the downtown Library and rode the skyway shuttle around the city. Canyon had his first ride on the cooler

July Picture Album 1

What a summer. Haley continues to not waste one day of the summer. We went to a July 4th parade at Michelle, Evyn, and Waynes. Then had some smores and movie time at our house. Hector took the family to UNF's Golf Course. Shalyn did excellent at putting. Haley has one heck of a short game. Canyon turned 10months and Haley gave him a slight trim around his ears. The zoo was extra special this time b/c two new baby jaguars were up close and personal. Canyon had the chance to get on the carousel and it so happens that he picked the gator to ride...hmmm coincidence?

We visited Orlando to celebrate Abuelas 60th and Uncle Erics 30th bday. Haley and the kids visited Jessie in Gainesville. More to come in July.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

June "Schools out for summer"

What a month. Haley's school let out and they have stayed busy for the summer. She and her other teacher friends have play days 3 times a week. The zoo, parks, pools, movies, library, sprinklers, tea parties and more. For our family vacation we went to SanDestin , FL with the Till's. We stayed at the Luau and walked to the beach and rode the bus to baytowne wharf. The girls had a blast and Latika really saved us some cash. Thanks Till's.
The highlight of this summer has to be Shalyn's Dentist visit. She loved our dentist and put on some cool glasses that her friend salena gave her. No cavities. Dr. David gave her a blue toothbrush and big girl toothpaste. woohoo.

Hector picked up the nephews for our week of fun. Adventure landing, beach, universal, bowling, and a jax suns baseball game.

May Baptism, Mothers Day, Haley's Bday and Memorial Weekend

Canyon turned 8 months. We decided to have his baptism during Mothers day weekend just as we did with Shalyn. Everyone came into town and we had some fun in the backyard. Haley and some friends went to see the play Wicked then travelled to Amy's house for a baby shower.
Shalyn finished the year at UNF. She performed in a play and then we went to her gymnastics recital. Ms. Holly, Salena, Maya, Ella, and Latika stopped by to see our star performer.
For Haley's birthday we went to Disney World (Free on your bday). Shalyn and mommy went on the TeaCup's, disney princesses, and Dumbo together then daddy took her on the race cars. She loved touring through Minnie and Mickey's house. Its a small world ride takes the cake. She hasn't stopped singing the song and daddy just doesn't know the rest of the words.... go figure.
We headed to Lake Placid for Memorial/Linette's bday. Sue and Eric stayed in FL for 14 days. Shalyn had a chance to stay with them for a weekend. Sue straightened her hair (don't worry its curly again).

April Events

This past April we were invited to several big parties. Bretton Mackiewicz turned 2 this April. Meredy, Ashley, & Gigi set up a cute bday party for her with a CupCake Cake. Then we went to Disney on Ice. Shalyn's favorite part was the flowers during tinkerbell.