Sunday, September 11, 2011


We were all excited for the first Gator Game of the season. The kids were dressed in their orange and blue. Hector and I got to tailgate with some friends and go to the game with the Klickers! Loved the almost Fall weather. Go Gators!

Marissa's 3rd Birthday Party!

Marissa turns 3! on PhotoPeach
Thank you for coming to Marissa's B-Day and celebrating with us!

Canyon celebrates 3!

Canyon's 3rd Birthday on PhotoPeach
Thank you all for celebrating with Canyon!

Shalyn's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Shalyn 's first day of Kindergarten was "SUPER!" Hector took her to school, she was greeted by "superheroes," she saw Evyn and Kallyn in the same day! She has two AWESOME teachers, which she LOVES!! Hector made her an "Incredible" Kindergartener ID Badge, and also "Proud Mom of a Kindergartener and Proud Dad of a Kindergartener" ID Badges for us to wear. I think we all were so excited to wear them! The day could not have been any better!

Bye-Bye Summer, Hello Kindergarten!

We had an awesome summer, filled with so many activities, trips, and events, even WE couldn't keep up. Although we always get a little sad about the summer coming to an end, this year it wasn't so bad at all because...Shalyn was beginning Kindergarten. Not only was she SO excited, so were we! Of course we were excited about not having a child care payment for her anymore, but more importantly we were excited for her to be beginning a full day of academics and FUN! We threw a "Kickoff to Kindergarten party for her and some of her close friends. The kids had a blast and it was a great way to get ready for school to begin!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Crazy 2011 (1st post of the year and it's September)

We apologize for not posting in 2011. It's been crazy.
Have fun catching up...

January 2011:
- New Years in style at Abuelas house
- Shalyn registered for Soccer

February '11:
- Academy awards party

March '11:
- Shalyn Soccer games

- Kids golf with daddy at UNF & Adventure landing

- Ashley Wells visits Jax & UNF

April '11:
- Marissa Ellie Alvarado (ADOPTION DAY)!

- Shalyn visits Diamond D Ranch (Field Trip)

May '11:
- Beach pictures & Family portrait

- Shalyn end of year play & 50 books read
- Haley's Bday at Brusters (Ice Cream)
- Marissa adoption party

- WPB visit (PopPop Mr. Mack's Condo)

June '11:
- Shalyn Swim practice
- Vacation Bible School
- Vacation in Orlando (Aquatica/Seaworld)
- Ethan's Science Bday party
- Suns Baseball with Boys (Nephews)
- Blueberry picking
- Fathers Day & Golden Corral (Shalyn reading)