Friday, July 31, 2009

July Picture Album 1

What a summer. Haley continues to not waste one day of the summer. We went to a July 4th parade at Michelle, Evyn, and Waynes. Then had some smores and movie time at our house. Hector took the family to UNF's Golf Course. Shalyn did excellent at putting. Haley has one heck of a short game. Canyon turned 10months and Haley gave him a slight trim around his ears. The zoo was extra special this time b/c two new baby jaguars were up close and personal. Canyon had the chance to get on the carousel and it so happens that he picked the gator to ride...hmmm coincidence?

We visited Orlando to celebrate Abuelas 60th and Uncle Erics 30th bday. Haley and the kids visited Jessie in Gainesville. More to come in July.

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