Saturday, May 23, 2009

February SBXLIII and Shalyn Campfire

Tampa Florida 2009 SuperBowl XLIII
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals

Carolyn and Dave Swidorsky joined us in Tampa. Boof, Angel, and Craig rode on the Coors Light Airstream that took us downtown St Pete to see hoobastank then to the hard rock. The next day we toured the city then ended up at RUDY's Sport Pub in Largo FL.
What a great time!
Dave took most of the pictures of rudy's etc I'll try and grab them from the slideshow he built.

Shalyn's Day Care Campfire:
So much fun. Family night at the campfire on UNF's campus. Shalyn had a great time listening to stories, melting marshmallows, and cooking her own hotdog on a stick.

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