Saturday, December 13, 2008

October: Canyon pics & Shalyn's Halloween

We had an exciting month of October.
Haley had a chance to enjoy some time with Canyon during her maternity. She even took care of Bretton for one day. Uncle Eric stopped by the house during his week in Athens GA. Sorry Sue but Eric saw Canyon 1st.

Shalyn and Haley baked cookies for the local Fire station. The firemen let Shalyn tour the garage and climb into the firetruck. They appreciated Shalyn taking the time to visit.

Shalyn dressed as a Penguin, Canyon (bear), Haley (Strawberry Shortcake), & Hector (Handy Manny) for the School Carnival. The kids toured the classrooms and trick or treated inside. Shalyn even went on the train and a super bounce house slide.

On Halloween night we tailgated in front of the house passing out candy. Hector's front yard maze was a hit. Although the grass has yet to recover from the 100's of kids.

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