Sunday, January 6, 2008

Introducing "monte" to our family!

As you know Haley & I are certified Foster Care Parents and completed the licensing to care for any child (we prefer 3yrs and under). We received our first call at 7pm on Thursday Jan 3rd. By 10:30pm Monte showed up at our doorstep and we welcomed him with open arms!

Monte is 16 months and weighs in at 27lbs.(whew!)
He says very few words: Ball, Oh-oh, and dog.
He is terrified of our pet rabbit "nibbles" but loves Shalyn & her toys...
especially bouncey balls and the slide.

Our hope is that we can eventually adopt Monte but for now we are excited to provide the best home & care possible for him. We will keep you posted on new news as it comes in.



dayle said...

How exciting is this! Welcome Monte! dayle

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of ya'll!! He is beautiful and I can't wait for Kallyn Lily and I to meet him.